Verona Nails Spa & Salon – It is known that most women likes to be seen with creative nail designs . It is also true that the women and men, keep designed fingers. Some of the most popular nail designs are french manicure ideas, hearts, flowers, and multi-color nails. But, today woman is becoming even more demanding and like slots of different nail designs. One of this is the stiletto nail art which has become very popular with women. In design stiletto nails are attached to the natural nails to become extensions which can be curved into different forms. The stiletto nail are usually made out of plastic and come in many different colors.

You can also be creative in your own way by applying nail colors. It is vita that nails are kept clean and have basics, such as acrylic, tip brush and nail paint. Nail color very fun, creative and enjoyable if you have the taste of it, you can use it to design some unique nail art designs.